About Us

myarabook.com is a startup trusted training firm in the region. Since 2018, we have been providing our clients, small and large, private and public, with training and  development courses for their human capital in a range of management and technical fields, using an ever-expanding portfolio of products and services. Our innovative and diversified training courses and consulting services are designed and delivered by subject matter experts who are competent in providing solutions relevant to this region and applicable to today’s business challenges. We pride ourselves on our track record and on our long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started business.

Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives (SOs) are directly linked to our VMVs and are there to ensure our vision is achieved by carefully executing our mission. Our SOs for the years 2015-2020 are:

  • Provide the most reliable training and consulting products and services in the region aimed at maximizing client trust and confidence
  • Innovate continuously on all fronts to ensure alignment with clients’ expectations is maintained
  • Strive for excellence in design and delivery of all products and services
  • Provide a motivating yet challenging work environment to increase employees’ engagement with the company and its values

Our believe:

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”.

Our Vision:

“to be our clients’ most trusted partner in developing excellence for generations to come”

Our mission:

“is to maintain strong partnership with clients and built the utmost level of trust. this mission will be driven our core values which form the basis for every decision we take”

Our Core Values:

“Mastery, Excellence, Innovation, Reliability and Client-Centricity are the values we abide by in conducting our business, they’re the pillars we rely on to become “our clients’ most trusted partner in developing excellence for generations to come”


we are quite selective when it comes to hiring team members, we ensure comprehensive knowledge or skill in their subject areas.


we insist in greatness, and on being the very best which is never easy to do. Greatness in the quality that our clients really expect and appreciate.


we continue innovating our or process via introductions of new methods, ideas, products, and outreach


We insist on the quality of being trustworthy and relied upon to perform consistently well.

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